Ian Milham, Virtual Production Supervisor | Industrial Light & Magic

As a Virtual Production Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, Ian Milham is helping reshape the future of visual effects for entertainment, helping develop ILM’s “Stagecraft”, a suite of cutting edge real-time and VR tools. These tools allow filmmakers speed and flexibility throughout the process, from scouting and pre-visualization, all the way through shooting on the set, achieving final results in-camera, and into post-production.

Before ILM, Ian has worked in real-time graphics, video games, and entertainment for 23 years, starting as an illustrator/concept artist, moving through real-time environments, Art Direction, Creative Direction/Supervision. His career includes thirteen years at Electronic Arts, where he is best known for helping create and Art Directing the Dead Space games. He has also lead and contributed to The Avengers, Tomb Raider, and Battlefield franchises. Before that he spent five years at Lucasarts, helping the real-time and feature pipelines work together. He received a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University.