Miles Perkins, Business Developement | Epic Games

Miles Perkins is a strategic and creative leader focused on brand strategy, marketing & communications in the fields of media, entertainment and emerging technologies. For more than 25 years he made key contributions to the companies he has worked for and with, along the way honing and fine-tuning his skills as a creative and strategic leader.

Miles is passionate about creating strong and genuine brands. From setting up effective teams to being a liaison helping to facilitate stronger internal connections, he has a natural knack for bringing people together to find a singular voice that resonates the value and strength of a brand. Additionally, Miles enjoys the challenge of weaving different brand components together to deliver compelling narratives consumers can understand and embrace, regardless of background or brand familiarity.

Understanding the importance of being well rounded and possessing balance in life, Miles is also the founder of Mingus Amungus, the award winning Bay Area jazz ensemble that has toured the globe. This wide range of entertainment experience has enabled Miles to build a unique skill-set, balancing his creative and business acumen. This combination allows Miles to leverage strong creative and production talents to build esprit de corps throughout an organization, ultimately motivating teams to perform at their highest level.