Submit a Talk

xRS Week solicits proposals from executives and thought-leaders who are experts in the xR industry. xRS Week sessions feature emerging trends, big ideas, and disruptive strategies in the virtual and augmented reality technology sectors.

Selection Criteria

The conference planning committee will review submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Presentations are original and will provide new ideas debut for the first time, exclusively at xRS Week. This isn’t your standard spiel you give at other events.
  • Topics are geared toward senior executives and focus on technology strategy or business management

Speaker Expectations

Greenlight Insights expects speakers to:

  • Be properly prepared, in addition to being well versed in the subject matter
  • Rehearse the delivery of the session with participating panelist(s) and the moderator
  • Provide finished presentation materials 5 business days prior to┬áthe Conference Analyst team
  • Invite qualified contacts within your network
  • Attend the entire day of xRS Week that you will be presenting